“A creative way to do justice to such a monumental topic.” - Los Angeles Times

“Riveting storylines that provide important history lessons along the way.” - Paste Magazine


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Year    :   2015
Country    :   United States of America
Hashtags    :   #EndYourDenial, #ArmenianGenocide, #1915TheMovie
Writer-directors    :   Garin Hovannisian & Alec Mouhibian
Producers    :   Garin Hovannisian, Alec Mouhibian, and Terry Leonard
Duration    :   82 min. / 1:22

In 2015, exactly 100 years after the Armenian Genocide, a director (Simon Abkarian) is staging a play at the Los Angeles Theatre to honor the victims of that crime, forgotten and denied for an entire century. The play stars his enigmatic wife (Angela Sarafyan) as an Armenian woman in 1915 who must make a controversial decision that will alter the course of history.

But this will not be an ordinary performance. As protesters surround the theater before showtime, and a series of strange accidents spreads terror among the play’s cast (Sam Page, Nikolai Kinski) and producer (Jim Piddock), it appears that Simon’s mission is far more dangerous than we think – and the ghosts of 1915 are everywhere.

In Theaters

  • Athens, Greece - AGBU Center - November 13, 2016
  • Beirut, Lebanon - Grand Cinemas ABC Dbayeh - November 9, 2016
  • Sofia, Bulgaria - Russian Cultural Center - November 7, 2016
  • Plovdiv, Bulgaria - Lucky Dome Cinema - November 4, 2016
  • Marseilles, France - Cinema Le Cesar - June 6, 2016
  • Nice, France - Cinema Mercury - June 5, 2016
  • Paris, France - AGBU Center - June 2-3, 2016
  • London, UK - Courthouse Hotel - May 26, 2016
  • Van, Turkey - Lake Van International Film Festival - December 7-9
  • Los Angeles, CA - UCLA “Melnitz Movies” - October 27
  • Boston, MA - Landmark Kendall Square Cinema - September 10
  • Boston, MA - Landmark Embassy - August 27
  • San Diego, CA - AMC Mission Valley 20 - July 16
  • Bethesda, MD - Landmark Cinema - July 15
  • Ft. Lauderdale, Cinema Paradiso-Lauderdale - June 25
  • Paramus, NJ - AMC Garden State 16 - June 24
  • Sydney, Australia - Event Cinemas, Macquarie Shopping Center - June 19-21
  • Metairie, LA - AMC Clearview Palace 12 - June 18
  • Detroit, MI - AMC Livonia 20 - June 11
  • Salt Lake City, UT - Century 16 - June 9
  • Las Vegas, NV - Regal Red Rock Stadium 16 & IMAX - June 3
  • Dallas, TX - AMC Northpark 15 & IMAX - May 28
  • Glendale, CA - MGN Five Star Cinema (April 17 - May 21)
  • Davis, CA - Varsity Theatre - (May 15-21)
  • Baton Rouge, LA - AMC Mall of Louisiana 15 - May 20
  • La Jolla, CA - AMC La Jolla 12 - May 20
  • Fresno, CA - UA Sierra Artists 16 (May 1-14)
  • Chicago, IL - AMC River East 21 - May 7
  • Phoenix, AZ - AMC Desert Ridge 18 - May 7
  • Sacramento, CA - Reading Cinemas The Tower Theatre - May 6
  • Philadelphia, PA - UA King of Prussia 16 - April 22
  • Los Angeles, CA - Egyptian Theatre - April 13 (US premiere)
  • Beverly Hills, CA - Laemmle Music Hall 3 (April 17-30)
  • Encino, CA - Laemmle Town Center 5 (April 17-30)
  • Pasadena, CA - Laemmle Playhouse 7 (April 17-30)
  • Santa Ana, CA - Regency South Coast Village (April 17-30)
  • Anaheim, CA - Cinema City (April 17-30)
  • Rancho Palos Verdes, CA - Terrace Cinemas (April 17-30)
  • Whittier, CA - Whittier Village (April 17-30)
  • New York, NY - Quad Cinema (April 17-30)
  • Corona, CA - Dos Lagos 15 (April 17-30)
  • * one-night-only screening


  • Yerevan, Armenia - Moscow Cinema - April 25 (Armenia Premiere)
  • Yerevan, Armenia - Cinema Star (Dalma) - Opening April 25
  • Russia

  • Moscow, Russia
  • Europe

  • Berlin, Germany - Maxim Gorki Theatre - April 5 (European Preview)

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“A creative take on such a monumental topic.”
“A ghostly evocation of bygone slaughter.”
“Visually lush and cinematically ambitious — 1915 captures the power of story to reclaim the stolen history of a people.”
“A tense film with moments of genuine suspense and psychological thrills, all while touching on larger issues of memory, truth, and denial…riveting storylines that provide important history lessons along the way.”
“Ambitious, urgent, and full of passion — a smart, provocative film.”


In 1915, under the cover of a world war, millions of Armenians were quietly taken out of their homes and marched to their deaths in the deserts of Ottoman Turkey. Their towns and villages were burned to the ground. Their churches were dismantled, too; the crime was to be denied forever.

It was a crime so new, it did not even have a name.

Those who escaped 1915 tried to find new lives across the world. Many survivors, like our great-grandparents, never spoke of what they had seen. But some nights, we would hear them crying and screaming in their sleep.

In April 2015, millions of Armenians across the world commemorated the 100th anniversary of those nightmares—what historians now call the Armenian Genocide—the first genocide of modern history and the blueprint of the genocides that followed: the Holocaust, Rwanda, Cambodia, the Sudan. They marched in commemoration but also in protest against the silence, indifference, and ongoing denial that have fueled an entire century of genocide.

Our movie takes place one hundred years after 1915, on the other side of the world. It is about denial: what happens when the past is ignored; what happens when it is confronted. It tells the story of a man who is on a mission to bring the unrecognized ghosts of 1915 back to life.

With the centennial of the Armenian Genocide upon us, we are ready to face the past together.

Alec Mouhibian

Garin K. Hovannisian



14 December, 2015

‘1915’ Earns Special Jury Prize at the Lake Van International Film Festival

VAN—The closing night film at the Lake Van International Film Festival, the psychological thriller 1915 received a resounding ovation from the Kurdish and Turkish audience in attendance—and earned the Special Jury Prize at a ceremony in downtown Van on December 11, 2015. Read here

27 October, 2015

Q&A: UCLA alumni reflect on Armenian Genocide through film ’1915′

A crowd of more than 100,000 people filled Sunset Boulevard and La Brea Avenue on April 24, marching with flags or protest banners and chanting in memory of those who died in the 1915 Armenian Genocide. Read here

17 May, 2015

In conversation with two auteurs of Armenian origin who have revisited the killing of 1.5 million Armenians 100 years ago

Around three decades before the Holocaust, a similar genocide was carried out by the Ottoman Empire in April 1915. Read here

4 May, 2015

Interview with co-director Alec Mouhibian

This year marks the centennial anniversary of the Armenian genocide – or as President Obama euphemistically refers to it, a “dark moment of history.” Read here

17 Apr, 2015

Directors Slam Russell Crowe’s ‘Water Diviner’ Over Armenian Genocide Denial

Garin Hovannisian and Alec Mouhibian, co-directors of “1915 The Movie,” below present an open letter to Warner Bros., regarding the film “The Water Diviner.” Read here

16 Apr, 2015

Los Angeles Times Review: '1915' a creative take on Armenian genocide

Just this week, Turkey recalled its ambassador to the Vatican after Pope Francis remarked on the Ottoman Turks' genocide of Armenians 100 years ago. As the historical debate rages on, artistic representations of the event have lagged. Read here

13 Apr, 2015


HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A film about the upcoming 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide drew large crowds to its Hollywood premiere Monday night. Read here

18 Mar, 2015

‘1915’ Movie Trailer Released, Opening Dates Announced (Video)

LOS ANGELES—In honor of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, Bloodvine Media, in conjunction with Strongman and mTuckman Media, plans to release “1915” in theaters on April 17 and on demand on April 22. Read here

18 Mar, 2015

Exclusive: Trailer For Psychological Thriller '1915' Which Sheds Light On The Armenian Genocide

“2015 marks not only the hundredth anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, but also the close of an entire century of forgotten genocides,” says "1915" co-director Garin Hovannisian in a statement. Read here

05 Feb, 2015

Tankian Talks ‘Wake Up the Souls’ Tour, Scoring a Film and a New Addition

The tour, called “Wake Up the Souls” will kick off in Los Angeles on April 6 and after stops in London, Cologne, Germany, Lyon, France, Brussels, Amsterdam and Moscow the band will land at Yerevan’s Republic Square for a free concert on April 23. Read here

22 Jan, 2015

Shanghai Daily: New Armenian Genocide film "1915" to be screened in 2015

A new film on the Armenian Genocide, "1915" , will be screened on April 24 to mark the 100th anniversary of the great tragedy, the Armenpress news agency reported Thursday. Read more

08 Jan, 2015

1915 The Movie in Rolling Stone magazine!

Our composer Serj Tankian, Grammy-Award winning musician, spoke to Rolling Stone magazine about our movie in an interview about System of a Down’s upcoming tour to commemorate the Armenian Genocide. Read here

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